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Veterans' stories
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The Gulf War Veterans' Lament

I've spent many a year saying I don't feel right
Now a new doctor has acknowledged my plight
She took the time to listen to me
With a developed sense of empathy

I explained I'd finally self diagnosed
Because none of my problems has been resolved
I served in the army in Gulf War One
Way back in 1991
They gave me a cocktail of inoculations
Which I couldnít refuse 'cos of regulations

My conditions to my service are clearly related
All sorts of ailments have been activated
My physical health has steadily declined
But the M.O.D. are disinclined
To recognise our symptoms as being real
I wonder, if it were them, how would they feel?

And it isn't just the odd one or three
Take a good look and youíll be able to see
There's many Gulf Veterans similar to me
Suffering arthritis, diarrhoea and epilepsy
Children with abnormalities
Receiving help from The Gulf War Charities
No wonder we're feeling disenchanted
Into this poem our grief is decanted

Before the Gulf I was Jack the Lad
Energetic, out-going, happy and glad
To be alive and lead life to the full
Now I'm ill, unmotivated, sad and dull

All this in guys who were previously fit
Itís important now that the army admit
They fucked up our health and they got it wrong
For their men who were so proud and strong
Who without hesitation or seeking glory
Fought for their Queen and this is their story

We're only asking for what is fair
Recognise Gulf War Syndrome and clear the air
That and an apology
Would mean so much to lads like me
It would give us the confidence to rebuild our lives
And once again make love to our incredible wives

Catherine Scott June 2011

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