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Veterans' stories
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The Link

If only you would understand
My work for now is done
And I have gone ahead of you
To the place where all souls come

Iíve met with family and with friends
Who came ahead of me
Iím wrapped in perfect selfless love
And my bodyís now pain free

The only things that hurt me here
Are the tears I feel you cry
Dear ones, please donít break your hearts
For we donít really die

Just spend a quiet moment
Send me a happy thought
And you will feel me close to you
For a lesson has been taught

Iíll never be so far away
And that seems strange to say
When you know by earthly standards
That I have gone away

A bond of love still links us
And bridges our two spheres
Over which we come and go
So come now, dry your tears

If only you could see this land
And feel what I feel now
The love, the peace - tranquillity
And God can show you how

Just maybe when you realise
God has his plan for all
Youíll seek your own link waiting
For you to heed his call.

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