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Veterans' stories
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......Sunray this is not a civilian,
And sunray this is my sitrep!

        I can hardly contain my rage,
Could eat me a chinnook
All battered and hailed in bullets
                                And fekk it,
No-one knows me,
No-one knows the camaraderie
Like the man you made.

        Sunray this be my epitaph,
A man I once knew still kills for lust
Yet a crackhouse of CIVS
All back-stabbing the DIVS -
Cradles grenades in my palm
An the harm I could do with an MP4 -
An war I abhor but I know of nothing else,
        I donít know fekk all else,
Just wanna see em drop
Just wanna see em drop
I donít know fekk all else aware of
Selling myself to the highest bidder,
A bid for my life,
My wife,
My wife
My love my child,

        Sunray, where do old soldiers go
When symphonies proclaim the tears
Of hills and deserts
Hills and deserts
Hills and deserts?

        Sunray, I want to go home,
The CIVS donít like me,
The wife doesnít understand,
And now lost in a void of conceit,
I donít like me,
Iím allowed the shoot to kill
Shoot to kill
Shoot to kill,
                I want to go home to
The battlefield I abhor and play Phillip Glass
Until I be no more,
                No more,
                        No more,
                                No war!

Michael J Waite 30th December 2009

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