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Veterans' stories
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Lonely - by Dave Ormiston, a Gulf War Veteran

I walk about lifeís a dream, how can I let off this steam.
Go for a ride or a run, no I donít think it would be much fun.
I used to watch the telly lots, but even that has gone to pots.
I went to college to learn I.T. but even that got the better of me.
The dog looks at me she wants to walk, all I want is her to talk.
I go upstairs, I stop, I look which way was down, which way was up.
Please give me back my life again; maybe then I will stop treating people with distain.
Injections here tablets there, do these people really care, no I donít think they do, otherwise we wouldnít have to sue.
I donít feel sorrow, I do feel pain, donít forget me, and Iíll be back again.

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