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Veterans' stories
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Humans Are Flowers

How sensitive yet,
How brutal the truth,
How sensitive its front!

How declined,
How vapid its force,
Its clubs that swing!

How deranged an animal
Am I?
When all this hurt has
Me blind, blind to see the front
Before me, skipping in time -
A like minded narcissi.

Why as boys to men,
We pride the dents of battledom?
When manhood is just as
Innocent, as the virginal bride we

The Bride; and there
the smile may be wry - sings;
"Daggers and weapons for all
Big Boys lessons, and bless 'em
the faggots have nowhere to go."

But they're just as innocent
As the infants in trenches,
And baffled by ignorance of
the image of corpses,
Corpses of children in hedges???

Boast a war, Iraq
or Afghan, sore feet in Asia and
Boys will be boys till the bullets
are thrown.

But there be only on war!
Men nurtured as children,
Those years they were innocent,
Fed comics of bravery, Taught
How the gun talks.

That's the war!

Realizing through wisdom
The politics of chastisement,
Find inside yourselves bravely the
Heart that's destroyed.

That's the war!

This Narcissi beside me
Be as wise as I be, with my dents
and my talk of a Queens Shilling Loan!
The real truth in being a "Man",
Son, is knowing how to cry open,
At the comrades now broken,
Returned in a casket, a casket
That's closed.

Michael J Waite 25th November 2008 2152hrs

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