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Veterans' stories
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As I Sit - by Charlie

As I sit at my window each day, and watch the world go by,
I see planes and birds flying high in the sky.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring,
Will it be another letter, or maybe the phone will ring.

Each day my life ebbs away, through pain and illness that I now suffer,
Caused by others, to who I am just a name and number.
They work behind closed doors, and run my life,
They donít care whether I live or die, as long as I donít bother them and keep asking Why.

Why am I like I am, who made me like this,
Each day I live, life itís not all bliss.
Ministers and MPís donít give a damn,
If I go tomorrow, they still wonít know who I am.

We carry on the fight for our rights
Banging their doors, asking them "Why",
Asking them who is to blame,
and will they be happy when there is no longer a flame.

A voice inside tells you "Donít give up hope",
Try to manage each day, and try to cope.
For justice is to be done,
We must all shine brightly like the sun.

One day we may win the fight,
And our lives may get better,
To at last get some good news, in a letter,
Telling us that things will get better.

But alas this is only a dream,
Something we all wish, if you know what I mean.
One day in years to come, those who harmed us will feel sorrow
Like us who now have no tomorrow.

- Charlie

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