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Veterans' stories
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Antony’s story and feedback on PTSD Resolution
By Antony Mawston

Antony Mawston The Mawston family at respite 2014

After the Gulf War 1 I seemed to be alright, I had served on HMS Brave which was the Flag ship in the Bulldog Box for Operation Granby. Once home after a couple of years I got married and had four children - life seemed quite normal at first. However I soon found myself not wanting to watch, talk or have anything to do with the War.

As the years have gone by I have pushed friends and family away from me, I have become more aggressive and started stupid arguments and fights at every opportunity. I developed severe stress and depression. At several periods of my life I have wanted to finish my life leaving everyone I loved behind. I was put on various medications and sent to so called therapists in the NHS for PTSD, to which none of them worked. It felt like being back at school, rather than help it made me feel worse and after a couple of weeks I was back to square one. It got to a stage where I would not go out and instead ruminating reasons why it would all go wrong ending up in me feeling or being sick, I pushed everyone away from me.

Last year the NGVFA personnel managed to persuade me to come on this years Respite week. It was pointed out that I should give PTSD Resolution a try, thank goodness I did. It felt like a totally different type of approach of therapy. They talked to me as an adult instead of treating me like an idiot, they explained things to me. All my recurring nightmares and flashbacks have stopped and I feel a lot better in myself.

Of course I still have to do various little exercises to stop putting myself into various situations that I don't need to be in but life in general is a lot better and I now look forward to the future. I recommend anyone going the route of being referred to PTSD Resolution. Without their help and all the help of the staff at the NGVFA I seriously don't think I would be here anymore.

Regards Antony

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