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Veterans' stories
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Never thought I'd get to see this far off land,
But this was no holiday,I was with the Territorial Band.
I'd to continue to concentrate through this sweltering heat,
Keep looking over my kit,washing,polishing,brushing ensuring it was neat.
Dad had been in the army,gone off to war.
Had to experience it for myself but it wouldn't be as hard.
Yes I was scared in environment new,
But there wasn't the bombs and bullets he'd been through.
We'd to march to the ocean where Landing craft did wait,
I was new,struggled to keep up,had they notice my disorientated gait.
Heat,exhaustion,hunger,thirst-emotions we'd share,
These Robots called Officers didn't seem to care.
Still,I'm here to tell the tale as I look back,Wasn't the same for Jason and Russell who wouldn't survive the forth coming war in Iraq.

Lavery' 06.52 Lowland.

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