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Date : 27/11/2013
Title : We are still here! Where have we been?...

WELL since Respite we have had holidays, sickness, fundraising events, oasis times, respite planning, welfare calls, new memberships and tribunals.

Deep intake of breath! To be honest it's a wonder this blog has been written.

Anyway we have a new recruit - a "work experience" - his name is Ryan, who joined on 18th November, he may well answer the phone to you in the coming weeks... be gentle, he is not 18 years of age till Friday 29th November.

Respite break 2014 is well into the planning stage.

Fundraising in general we could do with your help! CAN YOU?

Bye for Now

NOTE: All work mentioned in the office blog is extra done on top of the essential task of providing members with the support needed on a day-to-day basis.

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