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Date : 06/06/2013
Title : Goodbye to Derek

The funeral of Wing Cmdr. Dr Derek Hall took place in Hartlepool on Tuesday June 4th. It was well attended by family, friends and colleagues from various walks of life. It was a lovely sunny day, although a bit misty and chilly.

The NGVFA were represented by two trustees, Maria and several members. Honourable mentions go out to Dave Morrison, who carried the NGVFA Standard as part of the colour guard, and to Tony Strother, resplendent in a "dead parrot" T-shirt in honour of Derek's love of all things Python.

The funeral service and tributes paid to Derek were lovely eulogies were delivered by Ray Bristow, Derek's son Matt and daughter Emma. We've never before been to a funeral where eulogies included mentions of MENSA, USB egg boilers and one armed glider pilots! Although there were tears, there was also laughter at the many stories and images of Derek that we would all recognise.

All touched on his varied career in the military and medicine, his insatiable appetite for knowledge, his love of photos, gadgets and cameras, and his generous and tireless nature and refusal to give up in the face of obstacles.

After the service there was a private cremation, then we all met up at Derek's Masonic lodge for the Wake. There were numerous photos of Derek through his life, and it was a great chance to meet his family again and share reminiscences and stories (the polite ones, of course!)

We'll end with a quote that was used in one of the eulogies attributed to Carl Sagan, the great astrophysicist, cosmologist and astronomer:

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

Goodbye Derek you will be sadly missed here, but hopefully you're off to find something incredible...

NOTE: All work mentioned in the office blog is extra done on top of the essential task of providing members with the support needed on a day-to-day basis.

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